Debt Collection Law Suits Engulf Courts

Many debt buyers do not have the evidence to prove their claims in court if they are challenged.  Consumers are frequently being sued for inflated amounts or for debts they do not owe and should consider hiring a lawyer to defend themselves from unscrupulous collectors.

This recent article in the New York [...]

Some Judges Are Now Skeptical About Debt Collectors’ Claims

This article in the New York Times provides an interesting look at what is happening in the debt collection industry during these tough economic times.  Some consumer groups are claiming that the courts, and Judges, have become little more than extensions of the debt collection industry.

But, judges appear to be growing far more [...]

Vulgarity Costs Debt Collection Agency $1.5 Million

There is an interesting article here:

on what can best be described as a bad way to try and collect debt. So bad, in fact, that it cost the collection agency $1.5 million dollars .