The Financing Activities Of Car Dealers Need Regulation !

Car dealers are working hard right now putting out a false spin, claiming they do not even engage in lending, falsely asserting they just “facilitate” loans for car purchases.

Yeah, and in the process, dealers “facilitate” low and moderate income people out of billions in extra finance charges! The truth is that dealers make [...]

Submerged Car Surfaces In Court

Here is a very interesting video on You Tube about a man that purchased a car that had, at some point, been completely submerged under water.  Something of a sales arbitration horror story.

There are lessons to be learned from this event.

Do NOT  take delivery of a car you are [...]

Auto Dealer Scams Vet … and gets caught

Here is an excellent piece on how a car dealer got caught ripping off an Iraq war veteran.  This is a pretty dispicable thing to do.  But, in the end the veteran wins out !

Car Dealers Exempted from Consumer Protection Law Update

The NPR did a recent story on this bill and how it will affect the consumer. One of the most fascinating aspects of this bill is that it will exclude auto-dealers.

What makes this so strange is that car dealers are notorious for taking advantage of the public as can [...]

Avoiding Auto-Dealer Fraud

Imagine buying a new computer which you later discover had been dropped from a fork lift and repaired before you bought it as new  or spending ten hours with six different salesmen who were trying to convince you to lease and not buy a cell phone; or after closing escrow on a [...]

On A Mission

This article appeared originally in The Orange County Register on November 24th, 2004. The original article can still be picked up in the office for those who would like a copy.

MARKET EVANGELIST: Lawyer Aurora Dawn Harris aims to protect car buyers from unscrupulous selling practices.