Debt Collectors Banned From Facebook

A federal judge in Florida recently issued an order prohibiting a debt collection company from contacting a woman through her social media accounts in an attempt to collect on debt, specifically naming Facebook, as it appeared that Mark One Financial LLC of Jacksonville, Fla., had been contacting the plaintiff’s friends and family.

Judge Baird ordered Mark One Financial to refrain from contacting the woman’s family or friends.  The order is part of a lawsuit that Melanie Beacham filed last August against the debt collection agency who were attempting to collect on a $326 auto debt.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Bill Howard said that he had been approached by almost a dozen additional potential clients because debt collectors have taken to tracking down and harassing debtors through their social media accounts.  Mr. Howard called it “…the beginning of an epidemic”.

Florida has consumer protection laws that include the prohibition of activity that would be considered harassment.  For additional information please go to The Washington Post article here.

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